UTSP (Unitech Telecom Service Provider)

The telecom sector comprises of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), operators and other businesses such as third party equipment and services providers. Due to heavy growth of the telecom sector, Step One Group focuses on emerging markets clients’ needs. Step One Group has sea-air solutions and posts multinational staff for ease of communication.

Step One Group employs performance drivers for the telecom expertise, not only local but through a worldwide network to serve its customers. Step One Group applies control management with skilled and experienced teams that can ensure the customers smooth operations of their businesses.

We Have an extra-ordinary team of 100+ dedicated only to serve our valued UTSP client. Moreover Step One Group also applies visibility for forecasting and to adapt its strategy to match with the current situation. Step One Group is experienced in the professional handling of high-value and sensitive products, as well as the transportation and storage of telecom goods with quality control at all stages.

Step One Group’s telecom expertise is based on the key factor to manage telecom business through...

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